No, People, Bernie Sanders Is Not Going To Save You

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Okay, so I came across this meme from Carmen Spoor via “Storm Is Coming” on Facebook. ┬áThe folks in this group seem to think that Bernie Sanders is the cure to what ails them, but I have news for you people.

Bernie is not the remedy for your problems.

There is an unseen force at work here:

The Federal Reserve is inflating and manipulating the money supply. Our monetary system is 100% fiat currency since 1971. Notice the graphic–after we eliminated sound money things started going down hill.

We need to dissolve the Federal Reserve (as President Andrew Jackson did). The Fed would make it painful for us, but that is the only way back to sound money.

Think about this: If Congress has the power to create money, why are we borrowing it from private bankers who are creating money out of thin air, and PAYING INTEREST? At least Abraham Lincoln was smart enough to not do this during the Civil War. He printed his own money at zero percent interest.

The other problem is that we are practicing cronyism / corporatocracy rather than free market capitalism.

The government needs to get out of the people’s business and respect the Constitution.

The problem is NOT the Constitution. The problem is that we have allowed the political class to run rampant over the Constitution and create a lawless society where a President with a phone and a pen can override the representatives of the people.

If we TRULY had representatives in Congress, they would ARREST the President.

However, we have to also look in the mirror.

We have the government we deserve because as citizens we have been greedy ourselves. We have voted for the candidate that promised us the most free stuff instead of the candidate who promised to uphold and defend the Constitution.

The problem with the promises of “free stuff” is that the middle class citizens generally get the short end of the stick. They get a few crumbs, sure. Maybe they get low interest college loans that have the effect of skyrocketing the cost of college. Or maybe they get some measly tax incentive. Or the poorest of the poor get low cost health insurance. But the MASSIVE breaks and bailouts go to the political class and donor class. They get the trillion dollar bailouts, tax breaks, and outright funding and resources, in addition to legislation that crushes their competition.

So, those who love to have their ears tickled by politicians promising to ease their burdens and give them more in the way of social safety net and benefits, are actually voting for their own impoverishment.

I need only to point to the current Presidential race.

If people were concerned with liberty, they would be lining up to vote for RAND PAUL who is the most Constitutional candidate on the stage.

Instead, people flock for Trump and Bernie Sanders, neither of whom will uphold the Constitution and our republic.

So, if you want solutions…

1) Elect representatives who understand and have the backbone to defend the Constitution;

2) Demand that the Federal Reserve be dissolved. (It will be painful for you in the short term, but it is the only hope for a stable economy);

3) Demand that the U.S. stop fighting unnecessary foreign wars.

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