Get Your Nose Out Of Other People’s Business!

Why are we protecting Iraq’s borders while
leaving our own wide open?

While we were busy keeping the Iranians and Syrians out of Iraq, Senator Ted Kennedy and President George Bush were pushing for a bill to grant automatic citizenship to illegal aliens and virtually erase the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Over 4,000 U.S. lives have been lost in this war of attrition, and at this writing there is no end in sight. No “exit strategy.”

We are engaged in policing the entire world to make it “safe for democracy,” while at home we are becoming a model socialist state.

What is wrong with this picture?

This is just my opinion, but I think we need to get out of other people’s business. We need to stop interfering with other soverign countries’ internal affairs and concentrate on running our own country.

There are many who say that the complexity of the world requires us to reach around the globe to protect the freedom we have enjoyed for so long.

Not too long ago I read a book titled, Eclipse: The Last Days of the CIA by Mark Perry. The book analyzed CIA operations from its inception to the Iran-Contra scandal (at least the ones that were known to the author). Perry came to the conclusion that in every instance where we used covert operations to influence world events, like assassinating leaders who were unfriendly toward the United States, or creating strife and unrest in the population of foreign countries, or arming rebel forces in bannana republics, inevitably there was a negative consequence to the United States. In short, these forays into the world-at-large to force everyone to behave in ways that are acceptable to our leaders, and to the benefit of our country actually are a detriment to us. Our covert actions are eventually discovered by somone and exposed to the populace which arouses contempt in them toward the United States. The contempt foments into hatred until finally people are willing to die to bring destruction to our shores. Also known as “blowback.”

I don’t feel like we need to see another 4,000 young men and women die in a foreign country in an attempt to force democracy on them.

You cannot spread freedom at the point of a bayonet. It never works.

If Iraqis want freedom, they’re going to have to initiate it, organize it, and make it happen themselves.

Or, they can emigrate to the United States legally, if it still exists in another five years.

Who is really benefiting from our interference in other nations?

Certainly not me.

The war in Iraq is costing us hudreds of BILLIONS of dollars. According to, the U.S. has spent in excess of $587,000,000 in Iraq. This does not count the money spent on the war in Afghanistan and in the other hot spots around the world. This money is being supplied by borrowing (or printing the money out of thin air).

We cannot continue this level of spending without completely destroying our own economy.

Maybe that’s the point. Just maybe the point of this whole escapade is to destroy the United States and create some other entity that will have more control of its population and can milk it for the benefit of a few rich folks at the top.

I know, I know, you’re saying, “What is this guy? Some sort of “conspiracy theory” nutcase?

To which I reply, “Is it paranoia if they’re really after you?”

Let’s just look around. The proof is in the pudding.

So, back to the original question. Whose best interest is it in to protect Iraq’s borders while leaving ours open?

Not mine.

For over 20 years I lived in a little suburb of Chicago called Waukegan. This one medium-sized city had the highest rate of immigration from Mexico in the entire nation. The complications of overwhelming immigration (whether legal or illegal) took a tremendous toll on the city.

Families share housing. Sometimes a home designed for two or three children houses six or ten. This is not theory, by the way. As a real estate investor and licensed Realtor, I was an observer of those conditions for many years. This is not hearsay. Schools are overrun. The property tax structure doesn’t support the number of children in each home. Property taxes are spiraling out of control. Workers desperate for jobs work under the table for wages. This lowers the wage scale. They are not doing jobs that average Americans won’t do. They’re competing for jobs using illegal methods (in collusion with employers to be sure…). If you’re willing to sleep on a matress in an unfinished basement, work for cash so you can live “under the radar” and avoid paying taxes, drive cars without paying for insurance, and use the emergency room as a free clinic to avoid medical costs, then you can live pretty inexpensively and undercut other Americans for jobs they would perform if they were willing to live a similar lifestyle and take a salary decrease.

This is a microcosm of the rest of the nation.

Is this really what we want for America?

Maybe businessmen think this might be a good thing to decrease the cost of wages. Government bureaucrats might be in love with the idea because those who are here illegally and using the Social Security number of someone else will never be able to actually collect the benefits which is good for the federal government.

Probably most Americans don’t think it’s a good idea.

Now, before you call me insensitive and against immigrants, I should tell you that all of my grandparents were immigrants. They came here legally, worked legally, and assimilated into America. They paid taxes, built homes, and raised families.

I am not against immigration. I am against uncontrolled immigration that threatens the fabric of our nation and culture.

Some people feel that those who illegally enter our country are just hard-working men and women who want to enjoy the freedom and prosperity that we have here, and that they will be model citizens if allowed to come here unhindered.

Well, how can a person whose first act in our country is to completely disregard our immigration laws be counted on to uphold any of the other laws of our land? Or are they going to use the system to any advantage they can get and play by a different set of rules than other Americans in order to get ahead?

Is that how we want to run our immigration policy?

Frankly, I don’t think that’s wise.

If we continue on that course, we won’t have a country to which people desire to emigrate!

Here’s my plan which will solve both border issues.

I am for an exit strategy from Iraq.

My exit strategy involves soldiers getting on planes and ships and returning to U.S. soil.

I don’t have a sixteen month plan. I call my plan “the sixteen hour plan.”

Let me ask a question. How many hours did it take the British to get out of Israel when they finally decided to leave? It was not a matter of months. It was on May 15, 1948!

Then, let’s take those troops and beef up our borders. This would solve many problems on many fronts.

And let’s get that border fence going. I know, I know… if we build 51 foot fences there will just be more people with 51 foot ladders running around.

I don’t know. Concrete walls and barriers seem to be pretty effective between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. And we seem to have made a big deal about that wall around East Berlin.

No, walls can be pretty effective. They’re not the complete solution, but they can be part of an overall strategy.

If that’s not true, then why do folks put fences up around their yards?


Reprinted from the book:

My Two Cents:  On Politics, Religion, Sex, And All The Other
Things We’re Not Supposed To Talk About At Thanksgiving Dinner

(A Compendium Of Observations And Common Sense Solutions To The
Issues Threatening The Survival Of America)

 by Patrick A. Taylor
Copyright 2005-2014, by Patrick A. Taylor
All Rights Reserved

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