Bernie Sanders’ “There Is No Justice” Speech

Okay, so I just listened to Bernie Sanders’ latest campaign ad, the “There Is No Justice” speech.

Well, I agree that a small handful of people are controlling most of the wealth. The question I would pose to Mr. Sanders is “How did it get like that?”

The reason for this injustice is that we have the best Congress money can buy. The big corporations got their giant share of the economic pie by getting corporate welfare from the government, by getting bailouts for their risky behavior making profits privately when things were going well, and making losses public–handing them off to you when things go bad.

In addition to government handouts, the biggest corporations get tax breaks while average-sized business get the shaft with one of the highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world–an incentive to move production to foreign countries. In addition to high taxes they get regulated to death.

Big corporations are also behind the erasing of borders and easy work visas for foreign workers which is decimating the wage scale.

A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters I run into want to blame “capitalism” for the nation’s current economic woes, when in reality it is “corporatism” the partnership between government and business that is to blame.

Most likely none of the folks clamoring for Bernie have experienced “capitalism” in their lifetime, and what they are advocating by supporting Bernie Sanders is more of exactly what got us into the mess we’re in, but to an even more extreme degree.

The problem is not really with businesses. Sure businesses will do whatever they can to make a buck. They send “lobbyists” to Washington DC to get benefits for their business. Obviously it is profitable because they continue to spend money to do it. Let’s just call it what it is: Bribery.

In reality, the problem is that we have people in government who have sold out the American people instead of represented them.

We all know this.

Mr. Sanders’ solution is “more government.”

More regulation, more taxation.

He promises more “free stuff” to the people.

A lot of college kids are enamored with his talk of “free college tuition.”

Remember how Obama talked about “lowering healthcare costs” with Obamacare? How did that work out for us.

“If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait til it’s free!”

More government is not going to fix a problem with government. Government is the problem. They need to stop spending money. They need to stop growing. They need to be reigned in. They need to stop the war machine. They need to stop building the empire. They need to close the borders. They need to get out of the private affairs of the citizens. At least 70% of government agencies need to be shut down. The surveillance machine against U.S. citizens needs to be turned off,

Most importantly, we need to stop the Federal Reserve and take back control of the money supply.

The government is not going to do this on its own.

We need to stop letting politicians tickle our ears with the promise of “free education,” “free healthcare,” and “taxing the rich into oblivion.”

We need a more constitutional approach. We need to elect representatives that will truly vote in favor of the people they represent.

When it comes to voting according to the Constitution, Bernie Sanders has only a dismal 26% Freedom Index Score.  (You can check out his record HERE…)

The fact that so many college students are in favor of Bernie Sanders, and socialism in general, is a testament to how well the government-run educational system is indoctrinating those who pass through its doors.

Socialism, progressivism, whatever you want to call it, is really “authoritarianism.” It is the transferring of individual liberty to the “collective.” Now that collective is represented by (you guessed it) government “representatives” and bureaucrats. And this small cadre of government folks are going to decide for the entire population what is best for them.

The progressives tell you what is best for you while they live large on your dime.

Of course, it seems that what is “best” for you really seems to be detrimental. It lowers your standard of living, limits your choices, and basically turns you into sheep working for the government/corporate collective.

Doesn’t anyone read George Orwell’s “1984” in school anymore?

Ron Paul tried to warn you guys, but no one listened. Everyone wanted to “make history” with Barack Obama.

Just remember, socialism can only “redistribute” wealth that capitalism creates.

At some point, you run out of other people’s money to redistribute.

Then you will have true equality: Everyone will be equally poor.

Well, the masses will be poor.  The government “servants” will still live a lavish lifestyle at your expense.  Have you ever heard of a book titled, “The Road To Serfdom?”

The doctor and the fast food worker will both have advanced degrees and both will make the same amount of money.

All will be well in the socialist paradise.