Are You Concerned About Fluoride In Your Toothpaste?

Xylibrite toothpaste

Okay, we know there’s a debate about fluoride.

The CDC says it’s “the greatest achievement of the 20th century.”

Robert Carlton, Ph.D., and former EPA scientist says, “Fouoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.”

Some say it’s a toxic poison that at best is bad for teeth and at worst a government conspiracy to reduce the average citizen’s IQ and make them docile toward authority.

Here’s one interesting article about the origins of fluoride in our water.  CLICK HERE…

Whatever your position on the topic, if you’re trying to eradicate fluoride from your diet, I have found a toothpaste that tastes great and provides all of the benefits for oral health without the fluoride, artificial sweeteners, or other bad stuff.

You can even SWALLOW this stuff (there’s no poison control label on it) because it’s NOT poison…it’s all natural and safe made out of things you find in nature that are safe to consume.

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